Meet the Team

The Aqabawi Team

Mustafa Al Ajlouni:

Founder and General manager

Mouroj Abdellah:

Operational officer

Ghazel Hassan:

Media Specialist

Aqabawi’s Artists in Aqaba

  • Al Aklouk Family: Local food Experts
  • Shayma Jundia: string art (Philography)
  • Green Creations: Sea glass art experts
  • Hajar Al Zoubi: Polymer Clay and sculpting
  • Hussam Al Jaba’bari: Sand bottle art
  • Fadi Dababkeh: Glass boat tour guide
  • Haneen Khamaisah: Painting and Henna Art
  • Moyad Qahah: Calligraphy

Aqabawi’s Artists in Wadi Rum (Bedouyat)

  • Um Laith: Local food Expert
  • Um Ghanim: Pottery and Clay
  • Um Ragheb: Knitting and embroidery
  • Tagreed & Etab: Cultural Experts